Memo, 16/05/2021: CNAME and SSL, Configuring Postfix with an External SMTP Server


Here are a few things happened today that I deem worth mentioning.


Some context: I have multiple vp-asses, and all my services hosted on them. Each vps gets a funny subdomain name to make ssh-ing into them less annoying.

Uptil now whenever I set up a new service, I always add an A field entry in my DNS Zone pointing to the VPS on which the service locates.

While I was setting up one of my new services yesterday, an “what-if” came across my mind: will I still get that ssl green lock if instead of an A entry it's a CNAME I put?

Apparently yes.

Though “You might want to use 301 redirects instead of CNAME redirect, this will pass on the ranking power/juice from to^1

Configure Postfix Send Mail Using an External SMTP Server

To set up gitlab, one needs to install Postfix to send notification emails.

The installation guide goes: “If you want to use another solution to send emails please skip this step and configure an external SMTP server after GitLab has been installed.”

But apparently I could still stick to postfix and integrate it with an external SMTP provider to deliver emails^2.

...But I guess I will uninstall this postfix thing and configure the SMTP server later.