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sudo mysql

use writefreely

show tables;

select * from users where users.created >= '2021-07-26 00:00:00';

注:”select * from users where users.created >= '2021-07-26 00:00:00';” 这里的时间换成你自己的被攻击的时间。这条命令过后会显示所有在这时间之后才注册的用户,即恶意注册用户。后面的命令同上,时间换成你自己的被攻击的时间。

select * from posts inner join users on posts.owner_id = users.id where users.created >= '2021-07-26 00:00:00'; 

Tables such as 'collectionkeys', 'collections' 逻辑类似,不累述。

删光之后你的writefreely实例就恢复了正常!完结撒花★,°:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:.°★


writefreely有一个叫‘delete-user’ 的功能。不太喜欢直接在database删条目的可以利用这个功能,不过我不确定它是否是只删除用户,文章变孤儿,还是连文章带用户一起删。


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1. 万剑帅哥蓝颜命薄








2. 回归本心浪荡修炼


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from: https://thenewboston.com/tutorials/All/10bec649-967d-4b0d-bc0d-e3c9eacda40c

'==' vs '==='
console.log(19 == '19') //true
console.log(19 === '19') //false
javascript pointer shit
var Bucky = {
       favFood: "bacon",
       favMovie: "Chappie"

var Person = Bucky;
Person.favFood = "salad";
console.log(Bucky.favFood); //the print result would be "salad"
nodejs “this”
var Bucky = {
       printFirstName: function() {
            console.log("My Name is Bucky");
            console.log(this === Bucky);
Bucky.printFirstName(); //prints "True"

//The default calling context is global
function doSomethingWorthless(){
      console.log("\nI am a worthless piece of shit");
      console.log(this === global);
doSomethingWorthless(); //prints "I am ... shit" and "true"
nodejs Prototyping
function User(){
     this.name = "";
     this.life = 100;
     this.giveLife = function giveLife(targetPlayer) {
          targetPlayer.life +=1;
          console.log(this.name + "give 1 life to " + targetPlayer.name);

var Bucky = new User();
var Wendy = new User();
Bucky.name = "Bucky";
Wendy.name = "Wendy";

Bucky.giveLife(Wendy); //now Wendy 101, Bucky 100 lives.

//you can add functions to all objects
User.prototype.uppercut = function uppercut (targetPlayer){
     targetPlayer.life -=3;

Wendy.uppercut(Bucky); //now Wendy 101, Bucky 97

//You can add properties to all objects
User.prototype.magic = 60;//now both Wendy and Bucky have 60 magics.
Nodejs Modules
//filename: movie.js
module.exports ={
     printAvatar: function(){
     printChappie: function(){
     favMovie: "The Matrix"

... is the same thing as

//filename: movie.js
//module.exports = {};

function printAvatar(){

function printChappie(){

var favMovie = "The Matrix";

module.exports.PrintAvatar = printAvatar;
module.exports.printChappie = printChappie;
module.exports.favMovie = favMovie;

in the importing javascript file, you type:

var movies = require('./movies');
Object Factory
module.exports = function () {
          favMovie: ""

in emily.js:

var movies = require('./movies');

var emilysMovies = movies();
emilysMovies.favMovie = "The Notebook";
console.log("blablabla" + emilysMovies.favMovie);

in bucky.js

var movies = require('./movies');

var buckysMovies = movies();
console.log("blablabla" + buckysMovies.favMovie);

in app.js


The terminal will print:

blablabla The Notebook
Creating a Basic Server
var http = require('http');

function onRequest(request, response){
     console.log("A user made a request" + request.url);
     response.writeHead(200, {"Contect-Type": "text/plain"}; //string basically
     response.write("Here is some data");

console.log("Server is now running...");
var connect = require('connect');
var http = require('http');

var app = connect();

function doFirst(request, response, next){

function doSecond(request, response, next){


console.log("Server is running.");

Optional paging:

var connect = require('connect');
var http = require('http');

var app = connect();

function profile(request, response){
     console.log('User requested profile');

function forum(request, response){
     console.log('User requested forum');

app.use('/profile', profile);
app.use('/forum', forum);

console.log("Server is running.");
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Darts are most often used to shape the back of the skirt. A fitted, darted front shows every bump and curve of the body. If you don’t have a flat tummy, front darts may not be flattering and can be eliminated with a stitching technique called staystitch plus.

When making darts, careful marking and stitching go hand in hand. Position pins all along the stitching line, with one horizontal pin marking the tip of the dart. Make sure that pins are in straight lines along both legs of the dart.

Stitch from the wide end of the dart, backstitching as you begin in order to secure the stitches (1). Remove the pins as you come to them.

When you're ½ in. from the tip of the dart, change to a short stitch length (1.5mm) and stitch the last few stitches along the edge of the fabric. Shorter stitches increase stitching accuracy and make tying knots or backstitching unnecessary. Stitch evenly off the edge to prevent a bubble from forming at the tip of the dart (2).

Sew a smooth and true dart every time by mentally drawing a line from the first stitches to the tip, pointing the machine in that direction. This visualization is helpful even if you’ve marked the stitching line with chalk.

Press the dart on a ham. A perfectly pressed dart is nearly invisible on the right side of the fabric.

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I tried to set up a sort of soundcloud service today, built using Ruby on Rails for backend with PostgreSQL for the database and ReactJS for the front end.

While I was connected to the vps, “rails server”-ed the server, I had to left my desk for a few minutes, and by the time I was back, the ssh connection was already “reset by peer”.

Then when I was back connected again and tried to relauch the rails server, it gave a warning of “Server is already running in Rails”.

Here is the solution that worked for me:

The following is a copy of the content linked above..

Root Cause:

Because PID is locked in a file and web server thinks that if that file exists then it means it is already running. Normally when a web server is closed that file is deleted, but in some cases, proper deletion doesn't happen so you have to remove the file manually New Solutions

when you run rails server:

  • Booting WEBrick

  • Rails 4.0.4 application starting in development on http://localhost:8080

  • Run rails server -h for more startup options

  • Ctrl-C to shutdown server

A server is already running. Check



So place your path shown here...


...and remove this server.pid file:

rm /your_project_path/tmp/pids/server.pid

OR Incase you're server was detached then follow below guidelines:

If you detached you rails server by using command “rails -d” then remove rails detached server by using command

ps -aef | grep rails

OR by this command

sudo lsof -wni tcp:8080


kill -9 pID

OR use this command

To find and kill process by port name on which that program is running. For 8080 replace port on which your program is running.

sudo kill -9 $(lsof -i :8080 -t)
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没有能贴的内容,就贴个自己整理的一战爆发前夕的小事件表格 内容取自自己的书摘所以绝对不对内容正确性负责

—— ——
时间 具体事件
1914.06.03 斐迪南大公被刺杀,德国敦促奥地利对塞尔维亚宣战;
1914.08.02 德国土耳其秘密盟约签署;
1914.08.04 英德宣战;土耳其仍属中立国;英国海军大臣丘吉尔宣布征用本应交付土耳其的两艘现代化战舰,激起土耳其反英情绪;
1914.08.07 一家美国报纸发表关于锡克教徒即将返乡制造起义的报道
1914 秋 德国的东方特派团开始招募成员;
1914.10.27 土耳其加入圣战:更名为“苏丹塞利姆”号与“米底提”号的德国巡洋舰在土耳其的指挥下向俄国敖德萨港开火;
1914.12 共8000名锡克教徒响应哈尔·达亚尔号召返回旁遮普;在印度当局的严密控制下共有400人被拘留;
1914.12.29 – 1915.01 土耳其军于萨勒卡默什惨败,7.5 万土耳其士兵死于萨勒卡默什
1915.02.03 杰马勒在拂晓发起对苏伊士运河的进攻,战斗失利,损失2000 名土耳其士兵
1915.02.12 “加德尔”首领与孟加拉反英领袖拉什·贝哈里·博斯取得联络,并在拉合尔的联络会议上,以印度军中的不忠部队为预定合作伙伴,拟定起义计划;
1915.02.16 “加德尔”发现一名叫做基帕尔·辛格的教徒实为警察线人,拉什·贝哈里·博斯决定将起义计划提前实施;
1915.02.19 派出信使通知其他参与者的途中再次泄漏消息;基帕尔·辛格将消息秘密通知监视拉合尔总部的便衣,七名阴谋策划着被逮捕。


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迅速扫一眼做决定无果,后面还有人排着队。我决定执行plan b:直接问对方有没有推荐。”Hi, which crêpe(此处还是法语发音) do you recommend?”

对方顿了一下,一边摊饼一边答:”Nutella and banana.”

Banana 我认识,但是Nutella是个啥!本土鳖并不认识啊!于是我紧接着问出了让全场安静下来的一句话:what is Nutella?



我:索德斯噶!Sounds amazing! 就它了!


于是后来就有了“what is cream cheese”, “what is carbonara”, “what is confit”.



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因为对货拉拉这件案子一直有关注,再加上刚过了criminal law,正处于自我感觉比较良好(aka半桶水叮当响)的时期,我想试着用英国法分析以及对可能的判决做个预判。




2月6日21时30分,长沙市高新区公 安分局接报警称,麓谷街道曲苑路有人 跳车,头部受伤。分局立即派民警赶赴 现场处置。120急救车及时将伤者送往医 院救治。民警将涉案车辆司机周某春带 至公安机关接受调查,并对现场及车辆 进行勘查。2月9日15时,由高新区综治 局组织,高新区公安分局向伤者家属通 报了隋况。2月10日10时55分,伤者经抢 救无效死亡。 受害人车某某,女,23岁,身高150 厘米,体重43. 5公斤,岳阳临湘人,生 前系长沙市某公司员工。 犯罪嫌疑人周某春,男,38岁,长 沙市岳麓区人,2019年9月注册为货拉拉 公司网约车司机,驾驶车辆为白色瑞驰 电动面包车(车辆里程数19730公里,车 况良好)。

二、现场勘查和受害人伤情诊断、 遗体检验情况

中心现场位于曲苑路的林语路口至 桐梓坡路口的中间位置,东侧为厂区, 西侧为物流园。该路段路宽10米,路西 侧有路灯,当时隔一亮一,光线昏暗, 人车流稀少。 中心现场柏油路上停有一合白色厢 式面包车,车头朝南,车尾朝北,双闪 灯状态,主副驾驶车门及车窗完好。在 车尾西侧(副驾驶侧)的路边有一处血 泊,血泊北侧有两条线状血迹、方向朝南,地面无明显刹车痕迹及其他异常情 况。 该厢式面包车前部为主副驾驶室, 后部为货厢。车内未发现打斗痕迹。驾 驶室内空高136厘米,副驾驶室地板距车 窗框最下沿72厘米,副驾驶室车窗上宽 35厘米、下宽64厘米、高度45厘米。 据2月6日医院诊断报告,当时伤者 右侧额颖顶部硬膜下血肿,左侧颖枕部混合型血肿,广泛蛛网膜下腔出血,右侧额叶脑挫伤,脑肿胀,脑干受压,左侧颗、枕骨及蝶骨骨折,颅内积气,蝶 窦及左侧乳突积液。受害人死亡后经法 医学检验,衣裤未发现撕扯破解开线痕迹,体表未发现搏斗抵抗伤,衣裤、指甲均未检验出周某春基因型。受害人符合头部与地面碰撞致重度颅脑损伤死亡。


专案组沿涉案车辆案发前的行经路 线全方位开展视频侦查,调取368个监控 探头的视频资料,还原了2月6日晚涉案 车辆接单后的运行过程,未发现车辆大幅度摇摆、频繁变道等行驶轨迹异常情况。同时,专案组回看视频发现,涉案车辆行驶时,副驾驶室车窗玻璃一直为半开状态,车内情况无法看清。 针对偏航问题,根据犯罪嫌疑人周 某春供述,专案组多次实验发现,货拉拉APP导航路线总里程11公里,红绿灯15 个,驾车需用时约21分钟;偏航路线总 里程11.5公里,红绿灯11个,可节省4分 钟左右为还原车某某坠车过程,专案组以 与受害人车某某个体特征相近人员为实验对象,从同型号面包车副驾驶室进行 模拟坠车实验得出:若实验对象起身将 上半身探出车窗外,可以导致从车窗坠车的结果。


由于涉案车辆内未安装音视频监控 设备现场附近靠涉案车辆副驾驶室一 侧无视频监控,且当晚过往人车稀少 调查取证工作难度大。为查明事实,专 案组认真开展现场勘查、侦查实验、法医检验、视频侦查、电子物证勘验、嫌疑人审讯、调查走访、聘请专家对当事人进行心理分析等工作,还原了案件经过。2月6日15时许,周某春通过手机APP 货拉拉平台接到车某某的搬家订单,区间为岳麓区天一美庭小区至步步高梅溪湖国际公寓,总费用51元,其中车某某支付30元,平台补贴12元。当日20时38 分,周某春驾车抵达天一美庭小区并与 车某某取得联系。两人见面后,周某春 询问车某某是否需要付费搬运服务,被车某某拒绝。车某某先后15次从1楼夹层 将衣物、被褥等生活用品以及宠物狗搬至车上,期间,周某春多次催促车某某 快点搬东西上车出发,并告知车某某, 按照货拉拉平台规定,司机等待时间超过40分钟将额外收取费用,车某某未予理会。21时14分,周某春驾驶车辆出发前往目的地,车某某坐副驾驶位,周某春又问车某某到达目的地后需不需要卸车搬运服务,再次遭到车某某的拒绝。在行驶过程中,周某春为节省时间并提前通过货拉拉APP抢接下一单业务,更改了行车路线。21时29分许,车辆行至林语 路佳园路口时,车某某两次提出车辆偏航,周某春起先未搭理,后用恶劣口气表露对车某某不满;车辆行至林语路曲苑路口时,车某某又两次提出车辆偏航, 并要求停车,周某春未予理睬。发现车某某起身离开座椅并将身体探出车窗外后,周某春未采取语言和行动制止,也没有紧急停车,仅轻点刹车减速并打开车辆双闪灯。车某某从车窗坠车后,周某春停车查看,发现车某某躺在地上,头部出血。21时30分34秒,周某春拨打120急救电话,21时34分16秒拨打救护车电 话,21时39分,在救护车司机的提醒下拨打110报警 2月23日,公安机关以涉嫌过失致人死亡罪对周某春刑事拘留;3月3日,检察机关批准逮捕。



For the Driver(D) to be convicted for Murder, the prosecution needs to prove actus reus and mens rea beyond reasonable doubt. This means that the evidence and the argument presented by the prosecution must be so clear and convincing that any reasonable person would not have any doubt.

Actus reus: the event of unlawful killing must be established. To prove this event, three elements must be proved: (1)Unlawful killing (2) of a human being (3) under the Queens Peace.

Obviously, the victim(Che) is a human being so (2) is satisfied. And we assume, for the argument to be established, that the case happened under the UK legislation so that (3) also is satisfied. We need to mainly focus on (1).

The cause of death is severe brain trauma, which is directly caused by falling off the car. (R v Malcherek)

D's act must be a substantial cause of the victim's death. There are two parts in proving D's conducted unlawful killing: legal causation and factual causation.

Factual causation: but for D's conduct, would the victim's death have occurred in the way that it did? (R v White) Can we cay, without doubt, that but for D's multiple detours, driving in the dark roads and threatening attitude, the victim wouldn't have died the way she did? In my judgement, the answer is yes.

However, legal causation is only the first hurdle and is normally easily met. We should also examine the legal causation.

Legal causation: for the legal causation to be established, there must be no event intervening between D's actions and the end result unless the event is foreseeable. In this case, there is an intervening event- Che falling out of the car. To prove that this intervening event is foreseeable, the prosecution must convince the court that a reasonable person would also jump out of the car in the same situation.

Mens Rea: mens rea for murder means the defendant has either an intention to kill or an intention to cause grievous bodily harm (R v Moloney).

This is a completely subjective test. It could be direct intent (D desired the result to happen) or indirect intent (D foresaw the consequence as virtually certain). In the investigation, the police found that D's intent was only to take a shortcut and receive another order, which eliminate the mens rea for murder. However, I believe further investigation is still needed to determine whether D intended to kill or cause grievous bodily harm to Che when he refused to stop the car, expressed his dissatisfaction using strong language, saw the victim reaching her body outside the car yet still kept driving forward.

Summary: It seems that proving D has committed murder is challenging unless further investigation is carried out and new evidence shows that D has at least expected Che to fall out of the car.

(Voluntary manslaughter can only need to be used as defence for murder hence we will not discuss it here.)

Constructive Manslaughter?

Constructive manslaughter is used when the defendant (1) does an unlawful act (2) which is dangerous (3) which causes the victims death.

This means that first and foremost, the defendant must have committed a crime that requires proof of intention or recklessness. Such unlawful act could be, for example, criminal damage, burglary, theft, sexual assault or kidnapping. From the police report, it does not seem like there are any indications of such crime(s). However, I do think further investigation is needed to determine D's intention as mentioned above.

Once (1) is established, (2) and (3) will follow suit.

Summary: same as murder, it is hard to convict D for constructive manslaughter unless further evidence is shown.

Manslaughter by Gross Negligence

Actus reus: to convict D for manslaughter by gross negligence, the prosecution only needs to show actus reus as negligence does not have a mens rea.

Maslaugher by Gross Negligence can be established if all of the following 5 elements are present (Adomako):

  • A duty of care owed by the defendant to the victim. (R v Willoughby).
  • A breach of that duty of care.
  • A risk that the defendant's conduct could cause death. (R v Singh)
  • Evidence that the breach of duty did cause the death of the victim.
  • A jury's conclusion that the defendant fell so far below the standards of the reasonable person in that situation that he can be labelled grossly negligent and deserving of criminal punishment

We can apply the normal negligence test in this situation. As the service provider, D, has a duty to his client, Che, to safely drive her and her luggage to her new apartment. Also, as a driver, D, also owes a duty of care to his passenger. By taking detours without communicating, using strong words to cause panic to Che and refusing to let her out of the car, D has breached his duty as a service provider. Also, when D noticed Che reaching her body outside the car window, he did not stop her, nor did he stop the car. This has fallen far below the standard of care that a driver should provide to his passenger. Provided that the police obtained the evidence while investigating, the failure to act caused the death of Che.

Therefore, it is very possible that the jury would reach a conclusion that D is guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence.

Road Traffic Act 1988

Under s2B RTA 1988, a person who causes the death of another person by driving a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place, is guilty of an offence.

As stated above in negligence, the drive was indeed done without the consideration for his passenger's safety. He is very likely guilty under s2B RTA 1988.

Who else is responsible? Corporate Manslaughter

Under s1(1) Corporate Homicide Act 2007...

Who am I kidding? This part is of no use and we know why. In fact, the entire article is probably useless. Because law is always the last resort when shit happens.

When people have to use law, the damage is, most of the time, already done. This tragedy cost a young innocent women's life and again traumatised half of the population of China.

But who cares?


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况且,我们现在所认为的正宗,很多也都是外来产物。正宗日本的tempura其实是葡萄牙传教士带去的peixinhos da horta,可乐饼也是croquette的变体,正宗的意大利菜里的香料也有许多印度舶品,更别说正宗川菜了,辣椒本就不是土生土长的。




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